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Chonburi 2 Branch

It's a large classic style house emphasizing on luxurious and grandeur design with high class materials. There is a full sized fitness room, a sauna room and a swimming pool suitable for large families and guests. RH​ 2134​ The rich house plan with the house area of 1,250 square meters has 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and a swimming pool, constructed on a 8,000 square meters of land. From Chonburi branch

Chonburi branch

A medium size, contemporary style house, emphasizing on the transparency of the front of the house, there is a continuous balcony overlooking the swimming pool and the garden. RH​ 702 house plan with the house area of 280 square meters has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms on 1,600 square meters of land construction site​ Bang Lamung, Chonburi Province. From Chonburi branch

Ratchaphruek 2 Branch

A tropical style house with contemporary design combined with Thai touch, it has sizable space surrounded by lawns and shady gardens. There is a swimming pool in front of the house. The contemporary design of the house reflects on its unique and distinctive roof, the construction focuses on the strength and warm house tone harmonious with nature to create warm and relaxing environment suitable for vacationing all year round. From Ratchaphruek Branch

Ratchaphruek Branch

An American-country style house with a warm atmosphere next to a canal, it has been modified from a colonial style house by Royal House architects. They have taken homeowner's ideas into action to serve all their functional usage so it has turned out to be an American-country earth tone house. The interior functions focus on an open and connected living space, there is a veranda in front of the house for viewing the garden and another large veranda on the side of the house next to a canal to accommodate family members' activities. It is also surrounded by the nature. From Ratchaphruek Branch

Nakhon Pathom 2 Branch

A tropical style house where peace and beauty meet. At your first glance, the house and a spacious garden will make you feel relaxed. This two-story house is located next to the river, it blends in the sense of Thainess and contemporary style together, Nakhon Pathom Branch From Nakhon Pathom

Nakhon Pathom Branch

Nakhon Pathom Branch A modern style house that combines simplicity and contemporary decoration into one. Royal House Co.,Ltd. Nakhon Pathom Branch has created this dream house into reality using earth-tone colors such as white, brown and grey as main colors to decorate this L-shape house. River pebbles were used to build a walkway leads to the house which give a relaxing feeling, Nakhon Pathom Branch From Nakhon Pathom

Customers reviews before 2017

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